The Amenities

Housing + Lodging

#Tease2019 is the ultimate VIP Weekend Experience and you will agree! We reserved Mansions, Houses, Apartment, and Hotel Rooms to ensure you have a safe and luxurious stay while you are in Charlotte, North Carolina! Our goal was to make Greatness Affordable and we believe we did that! All our Housing and Lodging selection are of Good-Quality and will exceed normal standards for the amount of money you are paying!

NOTE: Your Housing and Lodging selection will be determined by your Registration Time and your Group Size. #Tease2019 will select your Housing/Lodging option after reviewing your Registration Form, Group Size, and Special Preferences. Shared Spaces like Mansions and/or Large Homes are optional and based upon availability. You can contact us and request a Shared Space. If necessary, email us at to discuss your Housing/Lodging needs/options.

#Tease2019 has thought about almost everything in striving to create the Ultimate VIP Weekend Experience for you! We understand true VIP Service is centered around accommodations, service, and customizations so as you fill out your Registriation Form, we will strive to accommodate all of your Special Requests - and even add a few Great Perks and Surprises! Your house will have Drinks that YOU like, a Welcome Package, and much more! Luxury Car Service will pick you up and drop you off from your residence to all our parties and events! You will have access to designated Lounges/Bars with an Open Bar Tab, 24-Hour Food Service the entire weekend, and so much more! You can't beat this Epic and Luxury VIP Weekend Experience at #Tease2019!

Below is a summary of our VIP Amenities:

  • Housing + Lodging

  • Luxury + Quality Environments

  • Custom Food Preferences

  • Custom Drink Preferences

  • 24-Hour Food Service

  • 24-Hour Luxury Car Service

  • Open Tab at Selected Bars/Lounges

  • Custom #Tease2019 Merchandise

  • Meet, Hangout, and Party with Celebrities

  • Special and Valuable Offers & Giveaways!

  • Chance to Drive a Super Car for a Day!

  • Chance to Win $5,000 Cash!

  • Chance to Receive a $100,000 Loan!

  • Receive Valuable Offers from Sponsors!